Best ways to manage your nerves in these uncertain times.


It's fair to say we're all facing extraordinary times together, and with that comes a lot of ambiguity, frustration and questions. Undoubtedly taking those moments to turn our focus to what really matters — health, family, culture and positivity play a significant role in how we move forward collectively. Below, we unpack the science behind why carving out self-care moments is more important


1. Proper Rest is Essential

Inadequate sleep, described by duration, consistency, and regularity, plagues over 70 million Americans, and in the morning it doesn't just leave us sleepy.  Anxiety is an external force  which can induce sleeplessness and insomnia.  As indicated by some studies and anecdotal evidence, Hemp Oil  can help mitigate the negative effect anxiety has on sleep. 
Furthermore, poor sleep can cause cascade of physical and emotional effects, including increased stress, 
memory and cognitive loss, increased levels of appetite and sugar cravings and weakened immune system.  
We recommend few easy things when it comes to having good night's rest: eating at the same time every day to maintain the 
circadian rhythm of your body in order, setting up nighttime schedule (this involves restricting late- night screen time), and maintaining your sleeping quarters at 68 degrees.

2. Get Moving

It's necessary to simply move and shift your body — whether it's streaming 
yoga class, or something higher energy like high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  You can even go for stroll or hike around the block if that's easier.  
Research consistently shows that physical exercise increases the development of endorphins 
in your body, which in effect gives you healthy atmosphere.

3. Try a natural remedy like Hemp Oil

Prescription drugs for mild anxiety are also associated with habit-forming risk, which is why so many use natural remedies such as Feals Hemp oil to help relax the mind. However, beyond the simple lack of habit-forming threats, decreased anxiety was one of the most frequently reported results in both animal and human research conducted around Hemp.

Although the optimal dose for everyone is special, start with 1⁄4 dropper and 

work your way up, adding or subtracting regularly until you experience the expected results.

4. Start Meditating

Studies say that meditation on mindfulness has a significant effect on one's mental and physical health by alleviating stress, through concentration and enhancing sleep. Start by carving out 5 to 20 distraction-free minutes from anywhere and you are already on your way. 
Developing your own practice of meditation is fast remedy when you feel overwhelmed by helping to reverse the response of your body to stress and cultivate sense of calm. Its immune function is improving. Your adrenal glands produce less cortisol (a hormone closely linked to stress), and more effectively use oxygen.
Unlike routine use of  Hemp Oil, frequent use of meditation in your tool kit will help create resilience against key stress inhibitors. 

5. Eat your Greens

We are bombarded with messages about staying away from processed food, sugar, excessive alcohol and intake of caffeine. But let's face it, those are the things we crave so often, especially when we feel anxious. Especially in times like these, it is important to keep your immune system safe, meaning a balanced diet of whole foods like fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grains, sees and nuts.

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